I was having a collegue working with me. I am married, but at a weak point, I lied to her that I am not married. Since then, that was kept as like that only.

She was so close with me, and though we never touched each other, but almost we shared everything except my married life.

She was like a kid in my presense. We drunk tea together, had lunch, rain walk, charity together, everyday coming in my car. Intense moment was when we were returning from a stage show, at almost night 11. She was feeling sleepy, and asked me why I am not getting married. At that time, it was almost like losing out of control. But, I controlled, and said to her, just sleep. I was driving my car, and safely dropped her at her home.

Momenents like that were many. We went to heritage places, temples, and every where in our city. Many many moments like that.

But at some point in life, we had to depart, and may be my way of controlling myself, she started moving away from me, and finally even got married, and now she is settled in US.

I don’t call her, and she does not mail to me. It is an end for a beautiful time. But I know my mistake.

I kind of enjoyed a beautiful moments and saw a girl so nearby when she makes her mind about a person.It was a beautiful experience.

But, that feeling of cheating is still there in me, and I always feel I can’t face her anytime in my life.