He is an attractive middle aged businessman in a famous and well known city in the middle east. Runs an export import business, drives a snazzy sports car, dresses classy, speaks well, has a beautiful home, beautiful wife and lovely children all of whom he dotes on. Happily married and likes to project an image of a good family man and provider. But he has one weakness. Women. He was known to be a serial woman chaser during his younger days and is very proud of his conquests. Now with slightly receding hair but the charm still in evidence he targets women for “no strings attached” long term relationships on the side. His wife does not satisfy his lust cravings as she is sweet and simple and dedicated to being the perfect wife and partner. He is generous and good to her.
His women are usually married in incompatible unions or separated. He tries his luck among acquaintances and makes it clear from the start that its an unemotional attraction and has no expectations and that he “loves” his wife!
The meeting place is the woman’s place, his place when the family is away on vacation or at his office during the late hours when he works late! He had his office done up to provide a temporary bed for his activities. His women get movies, dinners and small gifts as payment. He even has gone to the extent of having his flings in the home country where his divorced woman lives. There is more freedom to entertain the woman when he goes on visits and the distance is to his advantage. He is after all only physically involved.
There are many such men who have their cake and eat it too in the golden land that is legendary for such tales. Both women are kept happy but the secondary one till she is discarded for another. Men will envy this ‘winner’ of a guy and women will feel sorry for his women and wonder why life is so unfair and partial to such people.