Making mistakes is what makes a man, a man. Right from the beginning of civilization man has made mistakes. Some went on being path-breaking, such as the discovery of penicillin and some others led to disaster such as the World Wars we’ve had. This website is built to let people share their mind with the world without any hesitation. You can choose any alternate display name to keep your identity hidden and share your  confessions with literally entire world. People comment back to discuss with you, to share with you.

Have you made a mistake that is bothering you and giving you those sleepless nights? Well, we all make mistakes. The logical progression after making a mistake is to confess it and make penance.

But is this very thing of confessing your mistake troubling you? Worry not, in this world full of advancements, help is in hand. You can now admit your guilt online, that too without revealing your identity. What more, you will also receive comments on your confessions, telling you what other people think about your most embarrassing or awkward moment and may be they could even offer solutions to mend things. is a website with an easy navigational design that helps you to use it without any hassle and choose between nine different confession categories such as Religion, Love, Married Life, Home and Family, Girls, Boys and Adult.

Be it copying in exams or farting in a bus or some very serious ones such as cheating on your spouse or secretly dating your mother’s boyfriend, all such confessions can be made on and we guarantee to maintain your secrecy.

All you have to do is to register on this website (which is mandatory). You can choose a different display name which helps in maintaining your privacy and also your email address won’t appear or be shared with anyone. You can also comment on other people’s confessions and also choose to get email updates when someone comments on your confession. Subscription to the website’s RSS feed will keep you updated about the confessions other people do and also rate their comments on the scale of genuineness and usefulness.

You can also share confessions on Facebook or tweet them using buttons made available. Log on to to make yours right now!