I am a passionate women. Though I am facing some issues with my relationship, I am giving my best to come out of this problem.

The problem is my boy friend. My boy friend has a very little desire for sex and he rarely comes to me with a demand for sex. I always try and seduce him for sex these days. My desire for sex has increased while he is showing a very little interest in the sex. I try to seduce him in all possible and different ways.

How to seduce your boy friend?
This is what I am trying and mastering day by day now. My boy friend is not giving a proper response. I tried to wear hot cloths with clevage, girl in short bikinis, girl in hot panties, girl with no bra, Naked girl in front of mirror, mastrubated in front of boy friend, my wet pussy nothing is turning him on and sometimes I literally have to molest him.

I took enough from him and now seriously thinking to seperate from him. There are many other boys who can satisfy me for my desire but giving up for sex to stay with this guy is simply not possible.