I have been having sex with my boss. Mostly at work, stupid stuff like in his office, with me leaning on the desk and he entering me from behind. A couple of time we have gone to a motel, which was great because we did the whole thing, and he really enjoyed having me totally naked for him (he really likes to look at my girly parts). But to tell the truth, it is really exiting doing it at the office, sort of a secret tryst. I do most anything he wants, sit on his desk for him, get under his desk for him, but really most of all I like to have him be inside of me.

So anyway, we have this sexual relationship, he gets a younger woman and I get an older experienced man, with lots of money and who can help my career. (and secretly, I am in love with him). One night at a company function, his wife was there and she and I found ourselves alone and she just blurted out to me “do you love him”. I couldn’t answer, and she pressed and asked for the truth, did I love him. I said yes, I do, because I really do love him, he is my only interest. She said that she loved him too. That was it, she knows about me, about us, and that I am her husbands lover. I felt really bad, I had to go outside for fresh air. When I returned, she asked me to sit at the table with them, that his women should sit with him. He’s the owner of the company, for God’s sake. I was so emabarrased and uncomfortable. What did he do, nothing, he just kissed us both on the cheek.

During dinner she asked me if I was on the pill (I am), and she said he wasn’t getting any younger (he’ll be 60 soon). That if I wanted to have babies, I should get started now. I kind of dropped my fork, I didn’t know what to say. She squeezed my hand and told me she knew about us from the time it started. He told her. He told her he loved me (which he would tell me but I thought it was about sex). She told me I was his woman too, and that he wasn’t going to share me with another and I was pretty much stuck with him, so if I wanted babies to get on the ball. I was stunned. She looked at me and told me straight out, she didn’t like secrets and things behind her back, and that if he loved me then that was that, but that I was going to be a woman he and she could be proud of, out in the open, no more sneaking around.

No more sneaking around, sitting at the table with my lover and his wife, and he stood up and made his announcement to the staff and everyone had a good time. When the dinner was over, he walked out first and his wife and I walked out behind him, arm in arm.