For whoever is reading this. This is a true confession of a person in tones of pain and agony. I wanna desperately confess now (at the end of the year) so i can make a real change in my life for some happiness. Well, telling about me, i’m a good and a smart management student with decent scores and some good friends. What made me come here to confess is, the girl that had entered into my life to spoil my joy.

Talking about this girl. She is pretty but filled with attitude. I don’t know what made me love her like hell. The time i started to love her was the time i stepped into hell. My God. First few months were really good, exciting and fun. Later came her attitude into play. Bitch, yes i call her a bitch now screwed mu fucking happiness to the very core. The worst part is that i loved her to the last vein of my heart, but she never understood.

I did things for her benefit and safety, she never understood. Moreover she found faults on me. She wanted to get off me. Here comes the climax, wonder what i did??
I tried ending my life; I took pills to kill myself. Unfortunately i was saved to see the most horrible part of life. I saw my parents rushing to the hospital with tears in their eyes, weeping and sobbing. Then came the heroine, bitch of all times, she was laughing and cracking some sad jokes as i laid on the deathbed (fantasizing). My body was injected with pipes and tubes. Any dog would have felt bad for me. Even you my dear friend would have showed some sympathy.

When she was asked by my parents about the affair or relationship we had. She said it was all false. But bitch, i know how many times you cried when i was fucking your wet pussy!! I became a fool of the century. I know how many movies we’ve been and to how many rides away from town.

Anyways.. Now i shall prove i can still be happy in my life without a whore like you. God above all of us is watching every single move of yours and will punish you for all your sins and the pain you have given me.

I challenge that I’d be more successful than you are.