He treats me bad
He is critical of everything I do
Everything is my fault
He is mean to my kids
He is mean to the dog
He is fat
He is lazy
He is unemployed
He smells
He is embarrassing
He has major anger issues
He wanted a dog, I got him a dog. Now he hates it, another reason to be mad
His family is nuts
He makes me be mean to the kids
He makes decision for me
I want to get rid of him
I want him gone
My kids will be happier with just me
I will be happier with just my kids
I am in a good mood, and he kills it as soon as I call to say I’m coming home
He won’t get a job.
It’s all about him
He is not concerned about how I feel ever
He explains away any of my issues
Everything I do is wrong
I make him feel bad blah blah blah, how do you think you make me feel?
He is always depressed
He is always in a bad mood
It is affecting our whole family
I hate him so much.
I want it to end
I want to be divorced
I want to be single
I want to be a single mom
I want my kids to grow up in a happy home
Help me
I am so sad
I feel like I am suffocating
I am not welcome
My head is pounding
Tears are welling up
I have so much anger, so much sadness
I deserve better