She finds every reason to pick a fight with me, get me into trouble with my dad and treats me like I’m supposed to take care of a family of 4 while she just goes around trying to lose weight and regain her youth.
I die a little every time she looks at me, because I know she always has an ulterior motive to whatever she does.
She loves stirring trouble and sitting on her ass, watching the trouble unfold.
She cheated on my dad- the psycho bitch, she cheated on the kindest, loveliest man I have ever known- and he can’t do anything about it because I have exams till next June.
God, this is pathetic. I’m whining here, while she tries to hide from me the fact that she spoke to my enemy’s mother even after my dad and I told her specifically not to.
I just want all this to just go away.

I think of dying, but that would mean leaving my dad alone with that bitch.
It hurts so much, and sometimes, I just count the days till I get to leave for university