i’ve been married for 8 years, two kids and another on the way. i went to work at this new place, where older exectutive men run the show. i took my husband to a get together and it was like oil and water. he was marginalized instantly by these men.

my boss, an older man, told me that the other execs don’t want him around again. i was stunned, and asked why. his answer, your husband is a queer, gay.

i was stupified. he told me men can tell. i defended him, but the answer was the same. he is a homosexual, likes men, in his case working class men. he is the female in the act.

shocked, but i was pretty convinced it was true. my husband runs a small trucking company, with aggressive truckers. around them, he flirts like a girl, i had never noticed before, but see it now. he preens for them, and i can see in his eyes that look you see in a girl that has gotten laid by a guy before.

it actually explains it all. my husband is a closet gay man. i confronted him, and he confessed. all this time he has been sucking dicks, and puts his ass out there for these truckers, who fuck him.