I am married man for 10 years of 38 year having beautiful wife two children.our marriage is indian marriage,indians mostly marry for life.
we have good sex life and average relations,but love never happened in last 10 years.it happened last years on facebook with a very younger girl of 21 years old over internet. Now she knows everything about my life and she is in love with me,she don’t want to disturb my family life boz she she care for my everything.we talk about 5-6 hours a day,i got disturbed if i have talk with her.we have never seen physically each other,other photographs mailed or fb profiles.she is a student and i have lived my half of life,she want to live every moment of life with me,she share everything with me.my wife know little about this from beginning msg on facebook,I have set all priorities for my family,my wife and kids.i don’t want to spoil my married life,no divorce,no breakup.
now this little girl have future,how can spoil her????
why we are in such a relationship which have only suffering,pain and no future,only a hope that something will happen and everyone will accept our relation.
how it can happened.our society never accepts such relations.
i don’t know why this happening and what to do next??
please write to me if someone have such experience and can tell me where the the way ahead for me.